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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Food Dude's Big 5

OK, this week's Big 5 is going to be light and fluffy and not really all that helpful to you. Yeah? What are you going to do about it? It's my blog so I get to decide what I put on it. So there.

As someone who likes to try new things and keep an open mind as far as foods and flavors go I still have a few things that I just won't eat. And I have good reasons for them too. So here it is folks, this week's Big 5....Foods I Hate.

You know where raisins belong? IN BAKING...that's where. Cinnamon buns, cookies, muffins and maybe even an evil fruit cake is where a raisin should be. I don't like raisins dropped into salads, stuffed in a pork roast or braised along with my lamb.

2--Cottage Cheese
I have eaten cottage cheese once in my life and never, ever again with it cross my lips. The taste, the texture and the smell. All reasons why I can't stand this "food". It's something that should be left for babies to choke down while they wait for teeth to arrive and save them eating horrible mush such as this.

3--Shake N Bake
This is where my food "snobbery" comes in. C'mon people really? Bread crumbs and seasoning salt mixed together for $3? I once heard two ladies in a grocery aisle talking about all the fabulous dishes they made with Shake N Bake and I wanted to run them over with a cart. Buy some bread crumbs and experiment with adding spices and seasonings to it if you really want to dredge your chicken in something. End mini-rant.

4--Vegetable Juice
This one is simple. It tastes yucky. You want vegetables? Eat them. And who ever came up with the idea of putting clam juice into tomato juice should be locked up forever. Are you one of those people that pour part of a beer into this stuff? Shame on you if you are!

The one spice you will not find in my spice pantry. I do not like the taste and I especially do not like it when one gets missed by the strainer and you end up crunching it between your teeth. Makes me gag. Quite often you can substitute allspice where you would use cloves anyway so I am able to get by without them.

So that's it for this week's Big 5. I am sure that anyone reading this has foods they don't like as well. List em! Post them so we can all see your culinary avoidance's. Or hammer away at me for picking on Shake N Bake. Leave me a comment.




  1. Joe, you love Shake and Bake. You put it in your coffee.

  2. Cheese Whiz - especially when melted all over my freshly steamed vegetables - YUCK!

  3. 1. Runny eggs
    2. Store-bought peaches
    3. Mangoes
    4. Veal
    5. Baby corn.