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Thursday, February 11, 2010

BBQ Chicken

For the last 6 months or so I have been on a serious BBQ chicken jag. At least twice a week, and sometimes three, I am firing up the propane monster and slapping poultry onto the grill. Almost exclusively I am grilling bone in, skin on, chicken thighs. Thighs are, in my opinion, the perfect cut of chicken for the BBQ. A nice mix of dark meat along with ample fat and a thick bone inside leads to flavorful, juicy chicken. Thighs are the choice of BBQ champions that cruise the USA competing in those huge BBQ contests. As a bonus, chicken thighs are one of your least expensive cuts of chicken you can buy. Grilling is simple...1) Preheat on high 2)Oil grill 3)sear chicken on both sides 4) lower heat to medium and grill another 20-25 minutes until chicken reads 180 degrees.

Now is where the fun begins. Your chicken is a blank slate and begging for you to hammer it with some flavor before you take it off the grill. Sauce. Sauce is what your chicken wants now! 5 minutes before your chicken come off the grill is the time to add your sauce. Coat liberally with sauce and lower the lid of your grill. The time it spends on the grill after you sauce it will let the sauce adhere to the chicken nicely before it comes off.

Your choices are endless when it comes to sauce. Your favorite bottled or homemade bbq sauce is a nice choice. Or come up with some newer flavors like the one I used tonight. Thinking of a nice wing sauce I tried recently I mixed equal amounts of honey with Sriracha, a beautiful Thai hot sauce. The result was a tongue tingling slightly sweet punch that I will definitely be doing again. The heat from the grill tamed the heat from the sauce just enough that I was able to eat a whole thigh without taking a swig of beer but left the sauce with enough bite to satisfy my need for heat.

Hit me with your comments or bbq chicken sauce ideas!


Park Food Dude

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