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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Food Dude's Big 5

Every week on Food Dude I will be doing a `Big 5` posting. The topic will vary but always be food or kitchen oriented. Suggestions for `Big 5` always welcome.

This Weeks Big 5....

You can only have 5 ingredients in your kitchen...what would (or should!) they be?

When I first thought of this topic 4 ingredients came to mind very very quickly and I think most cooks would agree....Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil and Garlic. With those 4 things alone a decent cook can transform just about any type of food into culinary delights. So what would the 5th one be? Its a wild card and I bet almost no 2 cooks would come up with the same 5th ingredient. But I will unveil mine and let you all bask in the brilliance that is my choice...

#3--Olive Oil

Strange choice? Not to me. Think about it. Whole grain style mustard is one of the tastiest things you can add for punch and flavor. It is extremely versatile and pairs well with all meats as well as several fish dishes. With it (and even with just the other 4 BIG ingredients) you can create meat rubs, marinades and basic vinaigrette's. Not long ago I did a nice standing rib roast that was seasoned with nothing but those Big 5. Roast was liberally seasoned with salt and pepper. Slivers of garlic inserted at intervals around the roast. Olive oil rubbed all over and whole grain mustard smeared over the cap.

I dare anyone to come up with another Big 5. C'mon, I double dog dare ya.



  1. wheather its roast-beast, or some sort of pasta, these are my 5-favs.

    1. red onion - goes with everything.... so far.
    2. spices: these are the regular manditories: oregano, parsely, basil, garlic pwdr, cayenne
    3. balsamic vinegar (or red wine)
    4. splash of olive oil
    5. alcohol. (gibsons 12yr whiskey or a shot of rhum....whatever)

    i could really use a red ryder bb gun with carbine-action and a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time. especially since i'm watching the biathalon on ctv.


  2. 1. Sea Salt
    2. Fresh Ground Pepper
    3. Fresh Garlic
    4. Olive Oil
    5. Fresh Herb - Basil, Thyme, You Pick